We firmly believe that every property owner deserves a management team that can further the value of their investment.  We will customize our services to meet the unique needs of your property.


Applegate is a well-established local management company, working in both Minnesota and Wisconsin for over fifteen years. Our talented team of professionals offer a full range of personalized property management services. 


Applegate aggressively markets your property to secure qualified tenants; we will:


Develop and execute a competitive marketing strategy: We understand the importance of a fully-leased property. Our diligent and creative marketing efforts successfully attract tenants.  We are marketing experts! Our reputation in the area offers a tremendous advantage, as we are a known source for rental property in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. Additionally, we actively collaborate with local housing agencies to seek potential tenants.


Capitalize on web-based resources: Our marketing package includes significant Internet exposure for your property. We utilize many property rental websites that maximize our ability to reach a diverse pool of potential renters.


Thoroughly screen potential tenants: All rental applicants must complete an application, including a rental history, landlord and employer references, a credit report, and court records. We also have extensive experience screening tenants for housing agencies and rental subsidy programs. 


Engage in active pre-leasing: We reliably pre-lease upcoming available units, making transitions between tenants as seamless as possible and eliminating time in which a property would have been vacant.


Applegate creates positive relationships with existing tenants; we will:


Maintain open communication with tenants: Retaining existing tenants is a priority that is achievable through responsive contact. Our retention strategy is to promptly respond to tenants' needs to ensure they find pride and satisfaction in their home. We are happy to communicate with tenants about any issues they may have.


Enforce timely rent payments and in the event that court action is necessary, we have the experience to facilitate this process.


Address emerging tenant and property needs: Applegate will actively monitor your property, working to address any issues that may arise. Responding to complaints regarding tenants or other forces that may be causing disturbances.


Applegate carefully manages maintenance and repair; we will:


Provide cost-effective, timely services: Property maintenance and repair requires particular scrutiny, so we will work with you to determine your parameters for maintenance and repair and develop a plan for your property. Applegate has a professional in-house maintenance staff able to effectively complete almost any job your property will require. Our maintenance staff is efficient because they are familiar with your property and thoroughly prepared for the job before arriving on site. We also offer full construction and renovation services.


Our experienced staff knows how to determine who is responsible for maintenance or repairs and is able to effectively explain the situation to the tenant.


Attend promptly to emergency situations: Our maintenance staff is on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week for emergencies at your property, giving you and the tenants peace of mind.


Manage vendors and contractors: We secure and oversee property services, such as lawn care, snow removal, or common area cleaning. We obtain reasonable and competitive rates with local companies. We also obtain multiple bids for larger projects, such as roofing or parking lot repair. We have purchasing power with local and national vendors and can typically secure discounted goods and services, adding up to an average savings of 12 percent for our property owners.


Applegate maintains finances for your real estate investment; we will:


Disburse payments for property expenses: In addition to collecting rental income, Applegate will pay the monthly expenses for the property. Our accounting staff manages the funds for the property and ensures all payments are made promptly.


Assemble annual budgets: We have the long-term interest of your property in mind at all times, and we create annual budgets for your property to aid in your financial forecasting and planning.


Prepare detailed monthly financial reports: Our accounting department reports your property's complete financial activity each month, detailing the income and expenses for your account. We can provide reports to you by email, fax, or regular mail. Additionally, we compile end of the year summaries to simplify tax preparation.


Applegate is committed to the success of your property and the proof is in our performance. Please call us today to discuss a management package that fits the needs of your property.