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Although technically a city, Bayport is known for its small-town hospitality and scenic river views. People who love the outdoors will enjoy the swimming and boating opportunities on the St. Croix River as well as the chances for hiking and bird watching of the St. Croix Savanna Natural Area.  Keep reading to learn more about finding the best houses for sale in Bayport MN.

Bayport is also known for being home to unique, independent businesses that define the downtown area with charm and a sense of history.

Houses For Sale Bayport MN

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Residential Real Estate For Sale Bayport MN

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Loving the outdoors is a great reason to consider moving to Bayport, but we know you have other considerations too. We’ve put together some useful information about the area and encourage you to ask questions to find the best place to make your new home.


Bayport elementary students go to Anderson Elementary School through grade 5. For middle school and high school, students attend Stillwater public schools which offer an excellent education. In addition two charter schools – St. Croix Preparatory Academy and New Heights Charter School – and two private schools – St. Croix Catholic School and Salem Lutheran School – provide other education options.


Bayport is considered a city. The mayor and four council members are elected by residents and serve time-limited terms. The mayor serves for two years and council members are elected for four years.


Residents of Bayport have access to four beautiful parks and pets are welcome at all of them provided they are leashed and accompanied by their owner at all times. Some parks also offer river access and boat ramps as well as picnic areas and sports fields.


Bayport actually began as three smaller settlements along the St. Croix River. The Railway Improvement Combined those settlements in 1873 and incorporated this new area as a village called South Stillwater in 1881. This proved to be confusing and in 1922 the name was changed to Bayport.

Much of the early economy was based on the lumber industry, with several sawmills in operation and is the place where Anderson of patio and window fame began. Bayport is also home to Oak Park Heights Maximum Security Correction Facility, which houses about 1600 inmates.

Due to easy access to the St. Croix River, Bayport had a thriving boating industry through World War II and now offers public access to the river and many boat ramps throughout the city.

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