Why you should hire a Property Management Services Company?

Up to your neck in income and expense management? Want to avoid annoying weekend maintenance calls? If so, hiring a property management services company may be for you. They will help you streamline your process and free up your time so that you can grow your business more efficiently.

Here are 10 things that Property Management Services can do for you:

  1. Set the correct rental rates
  2. Market and advertise your company
  3. Screen out problem tenants
  4. Be a point of contact for tenants concerns
  5. Initiate convictions
  6. Decrease tenant turnover
  7. Collect and deposit monthly rent payments
  8. Manage vendors
  9. Show your property
  10. Keep you in compliance with housing and property laws

As you can see, using a property management services company has several benefits for landlords, especially those who own multiple properties. These benefits save landlords time and money and make owning a rental property more rewarding. Think that these services will benefit you and/or your team? Reach out to Applegate Property Management for more information!

Applegate Property Management is a property management services company operating in the Twin Cities metro area and western Wisconsin. We offer property management services for Residential and Commercial property owners, as well as Homeowner Associations. We also provide Commercial Real Estate Sales and Investment services. We are licensed in both WI and MN.

At Applegate Property Management, we embrace a “Clients First” philosophy that makes your needs our top priority. Combined with an understanding of the local market gained through years of experience, our commitment to outstanding service provides results for our clients.